The Q&A Section

Why do birds suddenly appear?
Because you are near. And they long to be close to you… Or they want to attack you ala The Birds.. How the fuck would I know? I am no ornithologist. Mayhaps, David Attenborough will know.

When did you first know you were gay?
When I was 13, right before my baptism. I decided to watch my first gay pornography on a dial up connection; (Dial up.. Do you know how amazingly slow that was?) in the mistaken belief that once I was baptised, this sin would not count. I was curious and then upon watching it, I discovered I liked men and no amount of holy water was going to change that fact.

Dial up connection? You must be ancient.
Yes, I am as old as the hills.

First kiss?
Growing up catholic in an Asian country, I didn’t get many chances to kiss anyone, girl or guy. My parents moulded me into a miniature version of themselves; a child who was so obedient, he never talked back or even dreamed of sneaking out and doing some underage drinking or sneaky make out sessions. My parents were also strangely puritanical yet liberal at the same time, they would watch porn together with my aunt and uncle (whilst locking their pesky kids in a room) but my mother told me, when I asked what sex was, that it was ‘some sort of vegetable’. So the rather verbose answer to the question is, at the ancient age of 25 with a man I met through the Internet who had a withered hand.

First sexual experience?
See above answer except it was with a geriatric man who had an awesome house and a red bathroom. Don’t remember his name, but remember his red bathroom.

What do you do?
Short answer: researcher. Long answer: I spent 8 years of my life studying for a qualification which I don’t use at all. I am technically a Dr. But am working as a research assistant because I could not cope with the post-doctoral career.

Why is your blog called the Gay Dilettante? Are you a Dilettante and why would you admit to it?
Firstly I could have called the blog 50 shades of doubt, dammit! Why didn’t I think of that before.. What’s in a name really? Besides characters… I called the blog that because it reflects who I am. I am gay and I’m constantly learning new things about different areas but never becoming an expert in any. I did spend a decade in the sciences, but I can’t say I am an expert and I probably know more about 17th century French Royal mistresses than I do about science. I think a person needs to truly find their passion before being able to commit to a particular field, I just haven’t found mine yet. And I think the gay part is pretty self explanatory. I am gay, as in homosexual and liking cock up my arse or in my mouth, not the old fashioned word for happy.

Feel free to ask me more questions which I will add on and endeavour to answer to the best of my unique abilities.


12 thoughts on “The Q&A Section

  1. Anita

    Hi Nick, just out of curiousity, are you originally from Singapore (too)? Just asking because you your last name. Apparently it’s the most common surname over there. By the way, I’ve just read a couple of posts now but just wanted to say you have a great blog. =)

      1. tyt84 Post author

        No, seeing as I am Chinese myself.. But yes, my country seems to love driving the Chinese crazy, I think it must be something in the water.. Thankfully I don’t live in that crazy country anymore… Ooo must be careful, lest I get arrested by my country’s draconian secret police for sedition…

      2. tyt84 Post author

        The arsehole of the world… Australia.. Melbourne to be more precise. Thank god for that since I don’t have to deal with my crazy Malaysian parents on a regular basis..

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