Hello, is it me you’re looking for..

I sent a message to a guy on tinder. It said:
‘Hello, is it me you’re swiping for’

I thought it was funny. Obviously he didn’t or he was too young to get my bastardised old school pop culture reference…

My father bought our family’s first CD player when I was 8. He bought it back from Japan so it was the latest, most whiz bang model. I think it had a random play thing, which at that time was revolutionary.

As a family, we owned a grand total of 12 CD’s; the first 6 of which formed a set of ‘golden oldies’ or the kind of easy listening shit your parents listen to, the ‘Itsy Bitsy teeny yellow polka dot bikini’ and ‘smoke gets in your eyes’ type songs… Real easy listening shit. Growing up, my sister and I knew all the words to ‘I went to your wedding’ ‘love letters in the sand’ and ‘love potion number 9’ because that is all we had to listen to.

Eventually, my parents added to their CD collection with two Richard Clayderman CD’s-virtuoso piano playing for those not in the know, a Prince CD (the one where he’s nude on the cover. My parents, so revolutionary…), a double ABBA CD collection because, well Asians and ABBA; we all, as a family used to belt out ABBA songs as a Sunday activity. You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard your parents singing ‘Dancing Queen’ and serenading each other with ‘Fernando’. And finally, we owned a Lionel Ritchie greatest hits CD.

Till this day, the words to the song ‘Hello’ are burnt into my memory. And listening to the song brings back memories of.. a certain loneliness and longing that I felt whilst listening to the song. I also remember the first time I watched the music video.. It’s the one where a lady is making a clay bust of Lionel. It’s simultaneously creepy and… I don’t know.. Funny? It’s not a video befitting the song in my opinion anyway.

Back to that tinder message; I hadn’t thought about that song in a long time. Not until I saw several memes utilising it as a linchpin. It seemed funny to me, to use what had recently been revived as a pop culture touchstone in my greeting…

Of course it wasn’t really. Not to him anyway. He’s not worth my time then.. Now I am going to watch the ridiculous ‘Hello’ music video and listen to that song on repeat, it won’t heal any wounds but it’ll bring me back some good memories…


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